Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Discovering Gianoi


GIANOI 'Medium Nadia' in yellow calf and snake leather
GIANOI 'Small Nadia' in red calf and snake leather
GIANOI 'Medium Nadia in beige calf leather

Discovering new designers has been at the very core of my blog ever since I started, it is admittedly a genre that often gets forgotten in the busy lifestyle of mine. So I thought it would be time to shine light on this matter again and talk about Gianoi, which is not just a newcomer in the fashion but in the technology category as well, bare with me.

See, how many of you carry your phone chargers around? Juice packs and cables rolling around in your precious purses? I’m definitely guilty to this and can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to buy a new charger after leaving it home in the morning, or desperately ending up begging restaurants to charge my phone behind the bar. I’ve seen bags with portable juice packs before but this is next level, because not only does these bags recharge your phone up to two times, but they also communicate with your phone. Yes, download the Gianoi app and connect your bag with the notification feature on your phone and you will have the logo telling you in selected colours when you have emails, WhatsApp messages, missed phone calls - you name it, waiting.

So it works somewhat like a calendar and personal assistant all rolled into one designer bag but what really sold it to me was the style. No matter how smart, in this industry style comes first, there is no denying of that. Gianoi had me at Italian made, beautifully finished leather bags, designed by two brothers that simply combined their knowledge and passion with a gap in the market. The outcome is a wide range of bags in everything from bright leathers to eye-catching snake skin. No need to tell you that I am convinced.

Gianoi bags are now available to pre-order with a 25% discount through the website, with a full collection launching this fall.


ZARA trousers
PRADA glasses
KIREI blouse
CELINE boots

In collaboration with Gianoi
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Monday, 31 August 2015

Baby blue in Stockholm


Another week has flown by, this time I’ve spent majority of it at Stockholm fashion week, realizing once again how much I love my neighboring country. It’s feels like Paris kinder, little sister. We flew in with Zalando, who also was kind enough to sort out my wardrobe crisis and answered my questions on what to wear in an in-between season like this. Lace and leather for the first day sealed the deal, ideal for a sunny, late august afternoon. So in between shows and coffee breaks at the cozy Zalando house, I actually fell in love a little bit, people are so kind and welcoming. Although I can’t take the silly accent seriously, but that’s part of the charm.

In collaboration with Zalando
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Double V


MIU MIU sunglasses

V festival was officially the last concert on this summer’s schedule, and I’m not usually the festival type! However, I can’t deny that running through the fields in great company (and with no mud in sight!) has been somewhat amazing. This life is starting to grow on me, eager and scared to see my attitude for next year…

So like planned, together with
Swarovski we road tripped up north last weekend for the final festival stretch! With James Bay and Sam Smith strongly on our minds and a whole weekend full of promised sunshine, it was the recipe for success. We arrived at the happy and hectic fields, I decided to wear the same jewellery get-up in my previous post, more is more for festivals, right? However, with a boho-gypsy twist this time, allowing myself to channel my comfortably dark side now that we are running out of summer days.

Swarovski’s Delta collection was more than perfect for V festival, totally unplanned but I felt like I was wearing a collection made for the occasion with the arrow like shape and the subtle crystal pavĂ©. The necklace trio I’m wearing is sold separately but works even better stacked, especially paired with the ring set. Matchy matchy, but sometimes it just makes sense. Black with gold or rose gold tones are unarguably the strongest combination you can wear, hence the vamp-like approach. Was this the end of summer? My sartorial clock seems to think so, whilst I remain in full denial in everything from seasons to, well, weekdays.

In collaboration with Swarovski
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Festival preparations

sandra7 copyc

H&M shirt 
H&M hat
ZARA shorts

It’s that time again, when every weekend seems to be booked up for a four day long festival party, no wonder the Summer has flown by before I even knew it started (still not sure if it actually has started). Anyway, festival dressing for a minimalist like me means one thing: Freedom. I’m not trying to appeal to your emotional side and go into details about liberty and rights, it’s just simply the thought of not having to overthink your sartorial choices.

I’m teaming up with Swarovski again, like I did last year for a little lesson on festival jewellery styling. While my dressing remains laid back and free like I just stated, I’m embracing the finer details in the form of rose-gold tones and crystals. The new collection has a range called Delta and it is everything I want from my jewellery this season, so I decided to wear it all at once. The necklace that comes in three sizes could as well be a set but honestly it’s a selection for someone with seriously bad decision making skills, at least I’m left with options to style them as either as a set or individually. The ring that does come as a set of three is my favourite piece from the new collection, go figure, I’m not one to go ringless anyway.

So with Helsinki’s Flow behind, there is one more festival to tackle this summer, V festival this weekend! Make sure to follow me on Instagram for updates. Then it’s back to city hopping, solid grounds and all black outfits (YES).

In collaboration with Swarovski
Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Porto Cervo


A few weeks back I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful Porto Cervo with Pinko. With Sardinia still unticked from my travel history, I boarded the plane to Olbia in no time. Before I knew i,t I was deliberating heavy knit choices for our autumn themed shoot, the reality of the heat wave dominating outside became secondary upon seeing the new collection, can you believe this skirt (#princess). We shot just outside the Pinko store by the port, which was without a doubt the cutest shopping area I’ve even set foot in! A few shots later, the heat took over so the water takes are not just for show. The rest of the trip went by in a flash, with a Pinko fashion show, boat ride, beach visit and intimate dinner party in the hidden garden (think truffle eggs, unlimited homegrown cheese and basil sorbet). I can’t help but feeling crateful for this fairytale like little getaway!
In collaboration with Pinko
Photos by Vincenzo Grillo

Monday, 27 July 2015

Shoe of the month: Christian Louboutin 'So Kate 120mm'


Christian Louboutin 'So Kate 120mm' in black patent
Other favourites in black leather | red | nude snake | metallic python | and boots
Best of budget versions at here | herehere

Hold your breath while I introduce to you my without a doubt, favourite, sexiest, most beautiful pair of heels. I’m of course talking about my Christian Louboutin ‘So Kate’ pumps, with whom I share a stormy, feisty, love-hate relationship. These awake many emotions in me because whilst they are in my eyes the perfect shoe (it’s the arch of the foot that seals the satisfaction) and they go with absolute everything I own, they are simultaneously somewhat impossible to walk in, even sitting down in these is uncomfortable. However that does not stop us Louboutin possessed women to hunt these down, including yours truly that looked for these over 6 months after hearing ‘sold out’  from sales assistants all over Europe. Strangely these are not available in France, where I counted on finding these, I ended up picking them up from the Mayfair store after some (yet more) calling around last fall.

I was originally in the hunt for the ‘Pigalle', which is another sultry Louboutin classic but the model was changed in late 2013 with updates that included a thicker heel curve, lowered back and a higher vamp - all changes that makes the heel to appear lower and dulls down the shoe. I guess the change was made for added comfort and to differentiate them from the new 'So Kate', which made my choice quite simple. Comfort did not play an important part is this purchase, like Louboutin once said ‘my priority is design, beauty and sexiness’. So what makes these so special? It’s the hight that makes your foot arch so beautifully, the heel thinner than a cigarette and the single sole that stretches out to a perfect pointed toe… I could talk about these shoes for a decade.

The ‘So Kate’ was created for fall 2013 and named after Loubs fan Kate Moss. The style now comes in a variety of different colours and finishes, including classics, seasonals and a boot version. My choice of black patent was set in stone as I love the combination if shiny black and the red sole. You’ve surely spotted these in action, here and in my most liked photos on Instagram, I have yet to find an outfit that these would not complete. They are OK for short wear, preferably for inside events and ideal for not leaving the house at all (you know what I mean…) Don’t wear these if you are going to have to walk around outside much because the red sole scratches easily. My pair have experienced a lot in the last 10 months as I believe even the prettiest shoes are meant to be worn, but also because I’m planning to buy another pair in the near future that I’ll save for more ‘delicate’ wear.

Comfort: 1/5
I’m not going lie, my most uncomfortable pair! However after wearing them for 10 minutes or so, you feet become numb (possibly starts dying) so the pain calms down a bit…
Quality: 4/5 
The patent leather and finishing is beautiful down to every detail, however, the red sole scratches really easy and starts wearing off if worn outside.
Purchase price: £425 from the Christian Louboutin store in London in September 2014.
The price varies from £425 - £2,195 online, depending on the finish.
Sizing: Runs true to size.
It’s often recommended to go down half a size with Louboutins but I bought these in a 37, my usual size and they have stayed perfect without too much stretching.

Photos by Mikko Puttonen

Monday, 6 July 2015

Safari Silk


Comfortable and apparently enjoying the European heatwave so much that I’ve manage to experience Helsinki, London and Barcelona, all in the past week. I came home to a traditionally chaotic wardrobe, ready to tear my hair out in true ‘whattowear’ fashion realizing I’ve missed out on the short, but sweet summer jacket season whilst traveling. Luckily I was able to reply on some new season favorites from Ganni, although the two piece silk set is from their high-summer collection, it’s definitely reading my mind on thoughts about pre-fall. Clean effortless but above all easy, not to be confused with boring. Lounging around in a pyjama-like silk suit? Any day of the week I say but this time with a polished styling.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Sale battles


H&M coat | or similar
JOSEPH knit | sale favorite | budget
CHARLIE MAY pants | or similar
BAM-B 'Anuket' ring
CHLOE bag | or in python
KURT GEIGER shoes | similar | python verison

My never ending love for culottes continues, this season my favorite pair comes in true 70’s spirit - frayed denim. A magical word this summer as I wish every piece to come with a raw hem. Is this too much? It’s been sitting in my shopping cart all weekend, I’m still undecided, mostly distracted by all those other open sale tabs. This week the new season vs. sale season battle gets serious as stakes are upped by both parties every day (party indeed, dancing emoji), which side are you on? I’m attempting to be smart - the list reads less black, no panic buys and things that really makes a difference in my wardrobe, how very grown up of me. All sounds wise, problem is that we are only half a day into the sale.
Photos by Mikko Puttonen